Nov. 7, 2016
Apparently the nerds of the Multiverse couldn't get enough of Vomitron's Nintendo metal mastery and so it continues with NESessary Evil! Once again, arranged, performed, and produced with precision, purpose, and power by the enigmatic force known as Vomitron. This time featuring the entire soundtracks to Mega Man, Metroid, Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, Wizards & Warriors, Marble Madness, Bionic Commando, and TMNT! At times totally technical, sometimes stylishly spacey, regularly rocking and letting the music do the talking. This second full-length album cements Vomitron as the undisputed king in Nintendo metal!

Nov. 12, 2013
This sophomore album by Armory contains nine original songs, each showcasing the band’s maturation in composing, arranging, and musicianship. Featuring melodic power metal that brilliantly integrates colorful melodies, musical hooks, progressive elements, rockin’ riffs, and an epic atmosphere as well as articulate lyrics centering on the themes of metaphysics, cosmology, epic stories, and the power of human will. Years of care, crafting these songs to perfection is evident from the seamless blend of diverse metal styles and air tight performances to the crisp production and spare-no-expense packaging!

Sep. 20, 2011
Masterfully metalized classic NES video game music. Performed note for note just how you remember with original tempos and keys but boosted with a powerful and polished production. This full length album features the entire soundtracks to Contra, Double Dragon, The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: The Adventures of Link, Ninja Gaiden, Blaster Master, Tetris, and Castlevania! With so many great melodies, dynamic hooks, layered parts, and nostalgic moments, it's no wonder this is regarded in some galaxies as the greatest VG cover album in the Multiverse!

Dec. 28, 2007
Armory's debut album comes like a shot from a cannon full of passionately crafted melodic power metal that is grandiose, high-energy, and melody-driven. Filled to the brim with speedy double bass drumming, harmonized interludes, and soaring vocals. This album contains ten original songs including a majestic intro, a triumphant ballad, a shredding instrumental, and a classic epic. In addition, there are bonus track covers of Iron Maiden’s “Flight of Icarus” and the first stage in Dr. Wily’s level from the NES video game, Mega Man 2!

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